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Will you be joining South West Gaffers at the Start Bay Rally this year? Full details, entry forms and programme are available now.

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Next year we celebrate the Plymouth Classics 30th anniversary and in 2016, South West Gaffers would be very pleased to welcome intrepid Gaffers from other Areas to the Rally, 29 July - 1 August, as you explore our fine coastline. Why not think about calling in on passage back from Brest and Douarnenez? There's berthing available in Sutton Marina, our hosts for the past ten years.

Join the Cardiff OGA fleet for a race around the buoys on 30 June, 2016.

'Sailing by' includes archive video, photos and 'tales of sail' linked with activities of OGA members including the Round Britain Challenge, 2013, Netherlands Tour, 2014, Round the Island Race and St Malo Cruise, 2015. Over 20 boats have already registered to participate in the Brest/Douarnenez Festivals, 2016. Send your contributions from the UK, Irish, Dutch and French coasts.

Register now for the North East OGA Open Race, due to take place at Blyth, Northumberland, 13 August 2016.

Entry forms and full details now available for download here! The 2016 East Coast Race is suitable for all types of gaffers; big smacks down to more modern Memories and Golant Gaffers. A late tide allows plenty of time to use the best of the ebb to get out to sea and fresh young flood to make it back to port.

The week after Swallows and Amazons, why not stay on the East Coast for a bit more sailing in Arthur Ransome territory. Once again we will be at the Bureside Campsite at Oby, near to where the rivers Thurne and Bure join. Joining instructions available now . . .

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    Editor's update: 27 June 2016

    Gaffers Log goes to press this week. Members should look out for it on their doormats mid-July. Remember that reports for the website are welcome anytime, to keep the News section and Events listings right up-to-date. There's over 1000 boats for browsing in the OGA online Boat Register, have you had a look around yet? There's three new Members' discounts and updates to our Members' blogs listings to look at. The OGA is keen to welcome new members, so why not think about joining us?

    OGA Editor
    OGA Membership Secretary