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East Coast Galleries

Crew in action on Essex smack 'Ellen', ECOGA August Cruise, 2015
©Sue Lewis

Several Galleries have been created to show what goes on at East Coast events. Once uploaded, the photos can be 're-used' in more than one Gallery and/or to illustrate reports and other articles on the website, in Gaffers Log or Eastcoaster.

If you have ideas for a new Gallery, or content to add to an existing one, there are three ways you can get started.

1. Share your photos at any East Coast event

When you have taken your photos, find out from the organiser who is looking after our East Coast hard drive that day - this is a digital storage device onto which we can load your photos there and then for publication online and perhaps also in our newsletters (with your permission and of course credited to you as photographer). cliverobertson [at] icloud [dot] com (subject: Photos%20for%20East%20Coast%20OGA%20Galleries) (Clive Robertson) is looking after the hard drive for us but if he is not present at the event he may have entrusted the device to another member.

2. Contact our Eastcoaster Editor

Email alison [dot] margaret [dot] cable [at] gmail [dot] com (subject: Sharing%20photos%20from%20East%20Coast%20events) (Alison Cable, Editor of Eastcoaster) who will be happy to discuss options for the best ways to share your photos.

3. Create your own Gallery

If you would like to create your own Gallery, contact the log [at] oga [dot] org [dot] uk (subject: East%20Coast%20Galleries) (OGA Editor, Beverley Yates).

Please DO NOT email your pictures to any of us!

We look forward to seeing your photos in the East Coast Galleries soon.

13 May 2016