Classic Boat Awards, 2017

©Keith Allso

Visit the Classic Boat website for full details of all winners and nominations. These nominated boats are featured in the OGA online Boat Register, quotes are taken from the Classic Boat nomination lists.

'Charmina', designed Albert Strange, built by Ernest Wood, 1923

When boatbuilder Jamie Clay ‘does’ an Albert Strange yawl, it’s always worth getting excited about. Clay has become the go-to man on these gorgeous little craft, and his huge job on Charmina shows you why.

'Unity', traditional workboat designed and built by Jon Bray of West Country Cutters, Penryn, 2016

A new workboat-style yacht is a rare event and this one is as traditional as it gets: larch on sawn-oak frames, copper and bronze-fastened. She looks the part but has actually been built for easy sailing for two.

'Jolie Brise', 1913, shortlisted for Centenarian of the Year

The pilot cutter has won the last two editions of the Tall Ships Race and this year takes a crew of young people transatlantic to north America.

'Bonita', 1888, shortlisted for Centenarian of the Year

Designed by William Crossfield, the yawl has made impressive cruises around Britain and the Baltic in recent years.

'Peggy Bawn', 1894, shortlisted for Centenarian of the Year

Her 2004/05 authentic restoration was celebrated. Now widely cruised and raced, GL Watson’s masterpiece still delights.

13 Apr 2017