OGA Photography competition 2019

Prizes for the 2019 annual OGA photography competition, were awarded at the OGA AGM in London on 11 January 2020. Following the sterling work done by Mike Garlick, the competition goes from strength to strength attracting a record 95 entries this year! Winners received a prize from the selection of stunning nautical publications supplied by Adlard Coles Nautical, one winner received 'Legendary Sailboats' from Beken of Cowes. Winners chose between subscriptions to Classic Boat and Watercraft Magazine.
We are grateful to all our sponsors for supporting our competitions.

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Judging the competition for the first time has been a real eye opener and a pleasure. I’ve been amazed at not only the number of entries I had to plough through, but the quality and the creative talents you Old Gaffers have when you’ve got a camera in your hands. It’s amazing. Maybe some of you should pack up sailing and take up photography. It wasn’t easy picking the final winners and for those who didn’t make the podium this year, please don’t jump overboard in self-pity while screaming, ‘I’ll never enter again, it’s all a fix.’ Or worse blame the judge. Always remember, unlike professional photographers, you are in a unique position, surrounded 24/7 by boats and sailors. Exclusive pictures are just waiting to be snapped in every direction. Please try and keep your horizons straight and whenever possible, include people in your pictures. It is so important, it can make the difference of binning it or winning it. Thank you for allowing me to be the judge of this truly fantastic competition.

Bob Aylott, OGA Solent Area, Photo Competition Judge, 2019

some of you should pack up sailing and take up photography


March Marigold

Kittiwake Rally St Mawes.jpg

Kittiwake Rally, St Mawes

Sailing Gaffers

Highly Commended

'March Marigold' by Sandy Miller, East Coast Area

Judges' comments: ʻA beautiful picture taken at the golden hour. Excellent.

'Kittiwake Rally St Mawes' by Douglas Bridger, East Coast Area

Judges' comments: ʻOnce again, the picture tells the story. The fleet has landed, parked up and off to raid the local baker of his pasties. Lovely picture.'


Weather Helm!!

Angmagssalik (244).JPG

Sing out if you see ice


Leaving Cardiff Bay locks

Sailing Gaffers

Third Prize

'Weather Helm' by Martin Pound, Solent Area

Judges' comments: ʻGreat racing picture that not only captures the action, but by shooting wide has set the scene and retained the atmosphere of the day.'

Second Prize

'Sing out if you see ice' by Will Stirling, South West Area

Judges' comments: ʻIf you thought The Isles of Scilly were bad then just imagine how hazardous this lot would be. Their yacht in the middle of an ice field off East Greenland. A great holiday snap for the family album.'

First Prize
'Leaving Cardiff Bay Locks' by Kelland, Bristol Channel Area

Judges' comments: ʻIt’s great when a picture makes you have a double take. On first impressions, I thought it was a remote-controlled model boat on a pond. Then a second look confirmed the true reality. From the elevated position, the boat appears tiny against the massive lock walls. Any magazine yachting editor would clear space for a photo like this.'

Life at Sea

Highly Commended

'Misty Morning' by Marion Shirley, Solent Area

Judges' comments: ʻThis picture captures the eerie drama of a misty morning on the Morbihan. It’s a kind of Hounds of the Baskervilles on water. The only thing that would have improved this image, a figure on the deck or a sailor rowing his dingy ashore. Being a solo sailor is not an excuse, just grab anyone to be an extra and make your next shot great.ʼ

'Launching on the Tide' by Julian Cable, East Coast Area

Judges' comments: ʻThis image would make even the most hardened landlubber want to go sailing. It’s the Sea of Tranquillity feeling that oozes from this scene. I love the reflections on the water, the lady with her dog, the yachtsman preparing for a sail and the just perfect stillness of the picture.ʼ


Misty morning


Launching on the tide

Life at Sea

Third Prize

'Towing like a Viking' by Will Stirling, South West Area

Judges' comments: ʻShooting from the bowsprit and waiting for the almost perfect background composition has given this shot the Wow factor. If there had been a crew member on the deck, to give scale to this dramatic seascape, this picture could have risen higher up the podium. But it’s still a great shot – I felt cold just looking at it.ʼ

Second Prize

'Pirate Gaffer' by Georgina Green, North East Area

Judges' comments: ʻBy shooting directly into the light, the photographer has produced a stunning silhouette. But what makes this picture a winner, is the small figure in the bottom right of the frame, without this, the viewer would have no sense of the size of these complex giants.ʼ

First Prize

'Swallows and Amazons' by Paul Gibson, Northern Ireland Area

Judges' comments: ʻThe innocence of childhood and joy of sailing captured in one fantastic frame. The type of image that would look equally as good on the cover of a magazine or on the wall of the family home. The horizon may be on the tilt, but on this occasion all eyes are on the boy and his biscuit.ʼ

Scoresby Sund (39).JPG

Towing like a Viking


Pirate Gaffer


Swallows and Amazons