2018 saw the launch of the OGA dinghy. Take a look at the photos and think about building one for yourself!

In 2018, the OGA celebrated 55 years with a rally on the Isle of Wight.

Saturday 21 July, 2018 found 35 OGA gaffers and Bermudans at Stone Sailing Club on the start line for the East Coast Annual Race, with very little wind . . . 

OGA members took part in a 'Rolling Snowball' or 'Boule de Neige' in July 2018, gathering participants from the Isle of Wight to Douarnenez, returning in time for the OGA55 celebrations.

This gallery provides a glimpse into some of the output from Crossfields of Arnside, active on the NW coast of England for around 100 years from the 1840s. Many of the boats are still sailing around the world.

Here are more photos of the boats racing in the Solent this year.

Here are all the winners of the various Solent Trophies awarded at the recent 60th Solent Annual Race 

What a brilliant 60th Birthday party rally we had at Yarmouth this year.  Here are some photos of the event, prize winners of the race and the social get togethers.

Sandy Miller came along to watch the racing on Saturday 5 May 2018, and got some suberb shots of the boats. Have a look and see what perfect dinghy racing weather conditions look like.

South West Gaffers were joined by OGA members from other Areas in the summer of 2017. Browse this gallery of photos taken by Immanuel Craig and Steve Lorraine in Plymouth.