'Gwenili' reaches Greece

'Gwenili' leaves London, 2019
©Martin Goodrich

On 20 March, 2019, OGA member Martin waved farewell to 'Gwenili' as she departed through the opening in the flats in Greenwich. Her new owner, George, planned to take 'Gwenili' by road to his home in Thessaloniki, Greece. A couple of weeks later, Martin was informed that the lorry had been involved in an accident, resulting in considerable damage to 'Gwenili'. The case was in the hands of the insurance companies.

The good news, as 2019 draws to a close, is that 'Gwenili' has survived the road crash and been reparied ready for her re-launch in Spring 2020.

Find out more about 'Gwenili' on the OGA online boat register. The record includes her history since 1910 and an excellent video.

18 Dec 2019