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The First Lady Area President of the OGA

The 2018 OGA Photo Competition is open for entries until the end of December. There's been some great weather for photography this season, so submit those best photos for a chance to win.

Our Solent Area AGM will take place on Saturday 24th November 2018 and registration is now open

For those Solent Gaffers who know and like Bembridge Harbour here is a link to their latest November edition Newsletter 'On The Wind ' to see whats going on.

It's December already! Hurry up and order your OGA Christmas cards now!

In Januray 2018, the first hull of the new OGA dinghy was displayed in London. On display again at Beale Park in June, she sailed for the first time in July at Cardiff Bay OGA55 and joined the OGA55 celebrations on the Isle of Wight in August, sailing in the Solent.



The Solent Area covers the south coast of England from Brighton to Weymouth and includes the Isle of Wight.
Chichester Harbour provides a unique area of safe sailing and anchoring. There are main channels feeding inland to Emsworth, Bosham and to Chichester.
While Poole Harbour towards the west side of the area offers quiet anchorages near to marinas and a busy town
In between these the main area of the Solent offers a wide variety of places to visit and spend time to explore.
Take a while to browse our pages of Events, News and Features to see what is happening and the interesting things and adventures our members get up to sailing in the Solent and beyond.

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THE  DEFINITIVE 2018  SOLENT EVENTS CALENDAR can be downloaded just below here.

Did you know that you can create galleries to show off photos from OGA events? Browse the recently updated collections, with photos from around the Areas.

Why not come to London in January 2019 to join with other members for the AGM? 

The First Lady Area President of the OGA