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Solent Gaffers 2020 Preliminary Sailing Events Calendar

Wednesday, September 4, 2019 to Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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This page is a preliminary list of 2020 sailing events in the Solent areas, that include gaffers. We shall update this page as additional events are announced and dates are fixed. We shall, of course, be adding in our own rallies as plans are developed.

We are providing this information as early as possible, to help those starting to think about next year’s plans. We hope that you will be able to incorporate some of these events into any other plans you may have. 


All of these events include dedicated gaffer classes for racing. This provides the opportunity for us to take the racing as seriously, or not, as we choose. Experience is not essential. The race officers know that we don’t want to spend all day beating to windward. We usually have a small, friendly, fleet of gaffers, while benefiting from the interest and support of bigger events. For example in the Round The Island race you can enjoy being part of the spectacle of 1200 boats racing, while racing a handful of similar sized gaffers. The Taittinger provides a similar opportunity, with the bonus of free champagne!  These are great sailing and social occasions. We are fortunate to have dedicated starts at them, but will lose those starts if we don’t use them.


Please put the dates in your diary and support our gaffer community wherever you can. You don’t need to be an experienced racer and the rules are probably simpler than you think. There are plenty of other dates for quiet evenings at Newtown and Beaulieu.

The clash between Yarmouth and Round The Island is unfortunate, but should be a one off.

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