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The Centenary Chase

Saturday, September 21, 2019
Centenary Chase 2015
©J Warren

We like this traditional close of the season because the pursuit race enables us to take to the water with our Bermudan friends. The race is organised by the Royal Solent Yacht Club. You don't have to race though. Come along for an afternoon in Yarmouth and join other Solent Gaffers for an evening meal at the Royal Solent Yacht Club.   We hope you will take this opportunity to sail down to Yarmouth once more.

The Centenary Chase is an event open to all comers.  About 30 years ago, a small fleet of Hamble gaffers joined in and since then it has always featured a strong gaffer fleet, who compete for a special trophy.

This is not the usual sort of race.It is a pursuit race, each boat having its own start time, carefully calculated so all will finish at the same time. The course to be sailed will be one of three, dependent on wind and tide, and full details will be given at the briefing. Each boat’s start time is worked out from any known rating, such as your boat’s OGA handicap, but also takes into consideration a boat’s previous performance. This can be negotiated at the briefing in the bar held at lunch time before the race. Note that entrants who have won the race in the past will find it hard to win again, but there is there is fierce competition to win the splendid prize for the boat last to finish in the time limit. A wide range of Royal Solent boats compete; cruisers, Folkboats, XODs and YODs (The Royal Solent’s own one-design).  Gaffers are always welcome and complete the picture.


This is the sort of race in which the defiantly cruising member can feel at home taking part. It’s a fun afternoon out on the water.

Even if racing does not attract, do come down to join in the last on the water event of the Solent Gaffers’ calendar.  You can watch the proceedings from the Royal Solent and join in what will be a very sociable and inexpensive supper in the evening.

Your can register for this event by clicking HERE  and for more information about the race, and entry form,  please contact the Royal Solent Yacht Club at


Yarmouth IOW