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Bembridge Harbour Groyne Repair

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To all Members of the Bembridge Harbour Trust


Vote for Bembridge Point Groyne Repair Aviva Award


I am sorry if you have already received this request as you may be on another mailing list. But we do not want to miss out anybody who may be interested, so there may be some duplication. 

As members of Bembridge Harbour Trust (BHT) I hope that you will be kind enough to vote, if you have not already done so, for this application for an Aviva Community Fund Award towards the repair of Bembridge Point Groyne that I have recently submitted on behalf of the Bembridge Harbour User’s Group (BHUG). 

This project is, of course, fully supported by BHT.

As you would imagine, the application has required quite a lot of work and a summary and photos are on the voting site; see below. It has been accepted by Aviva and is now up for the voting stage to actually get on the grant selection list and numbers count. I am afraid that the amount that we might receive is not a lot but every little bit helps.


As far as the project is concerned, we are now at the stage that we have received all the necessary permissions to move forward and are waiting for the engineering designs from which we will be able to get contractor’s quotes. At that point we will be able to launch our formal funding appeal.


To obtain this Aviva award as many votes as possible are needed. There is no restriction on who can vote.     To view the project details and how to vote please click on

Unless already registered, you will need to register on line In order to vote (and you have up to 10 votes; so please use them all) - the website has been running at overload but now seems to have speeded up but you may need a bit of patience!
This project is very important for the future of the Harbour and a massive vote by all will be much appreciated.

Finally, as I have said, the request for support is not limited to just those with a direct interest in the future of Bembridge Harbour – and we are circulating as many people as we can.  It will be much appreciated if you will ask anybody you know who might be interested and friends or followers on Facebook or Twitter or other social media are to be encouraged to vote also for this project.


Many thanks.


Michael MacInnes

Trustee and Chairman of BHUG Groyne Sub-committee

28 October 2017

30 Oct 2017